Project-based todo manager: every task must be specified with a mandatory project indication. Tasks are stored within a SQLlite DB. Written in Python.

Org mode

Super-powerful Emacs plugin to manage outlines with associated timestamps, priorities, labels, etc.; available views grouped by time (agenda), tags, etc.; plain text storage format.


Minimalistic todo manager that uses a simple plain text file to keep track of items; implemented as a shell script.


A minimal clone of Wunderlist, with 30% of its features. GTD oriented. It stores the task list in a hidden JSON file in the home directory, making it easy to backup or share them.


A comand line interface to manage hierarchical todos. Each task has a title, a long text description, a deadline (tudu warns you when the date is close), and a scheduled date. There are categories and priorities.


A command line tool for keeping track of what you’re doing and tracking what you’ve done.


Command line power tool for Jira


Command line interface for pivotal tracker