Bastard Tetris implements the classical Tetris but with a logic to generate the next block which maximizes the difficulty for the player.

Dwarf fortress

A fantasy game using ASCII art graphical representation of the game environment; it features a rich environment with many options and possibilities.


A Minesweeper clone for the terminal which allows you to configure settings such as table rows and columns up to 1024x1024!, percentage of bombs, colors and also has a highscores table.


Single player rogue-like dungeon exploration game. NetHack is a single player dungeon exploration game that runs on a wide variety of computer systems, with a variety of graphical and text interfaces all using the same game engine. Unlike many other Dungeons & Dragons-inspired games, the emphasis in NetHack is on discovering the detail of the dungeon and not simply killing everything in sight - in fact, killing everything in sight is a good way to die quickly. Each game presents a different landscape - the random number generator provides an essentially unlimited number of variations of the dungeon and its denizens to be discovered by the player in one of a number of characters: you can pick your race, your role, and your gender.


Character-based remake of Lode Runner; includes all the original 150 levels.


Rogue-like game derived from `nethack` offering extra features, monsters, and items; includes a GUI version.


Type words that are flying by from left to right as fast as you can; features different word sets, e.g., UNIX commands, English words, Non-English words.